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True Theater Experience

Take Your Netflix and movie nights to a whole new level and experience the feeling with your loved once.

Compact & Portable

Can be powered from just a power bank. Perfect for camping, business meetings and travels!

Bright & Vibrant

ProjektR™ V1.0 has a 10-24W bulb. This is great and can perform amazing quality movies, games or whatever you decide to do!


At first, I was skeptical. But now I bought 2 more of these just in case if i have to get a last minute gift to anyone!

Marques B.

Projekt R performs surprisingly well considering its size and the price!


2 words, see it for yourself! I'm sorry that's 4 but you get the point

Meyer O.

I can't believe the picture quality this tiny thing has got!

Von Braun

Projekt R is good for business presentations on the road, and it does a fantastic job at games when connected to your console!

James P.

Ultimate Device

This ultimate portable projector is a complete home entertainment system that connects to all your devices and is small enough to fit in your bag. 

Forget crowding around your tiny laptop screen or TV!


Ideal for movies & games!

ProjektR™ Ideal for watching movies, and playing games at home or even on an outdoor camping trip! The portable projector can even be powered from just your power bank!